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Invertek inverters are designed as general purpose, OEM or application specific inverters available as economical V/Hz shaft turners to sophisticated vector drives suitable for motion control. Voltages range from 115 vac to 600 vac. Power from 0.37 kW (1/2 HP) to 250 kW (350 HP)


The OPTIDRIVE E2 series is a Volts/Herts "microdrive" available in 115V-1 Phase Input / 230V-3 Phase Output up to 1.5HP; 230V-1 Phase Input up to 5HP, 230V-3 Phase Input, up to 5HP and 460V-3 phase up to 15HP, Powerful feature set includes: "PI" control, RS-485 MODBUS-RTU, output frequency to 500Hz., enclosures rated up to IP66/NEMA4X and more.

OPTIDRIVE E2-Single Phase

The OPTIDRIVE E2-Single Phase series is a fully digital, fully packaged VFD for use with PSC and Shaded Pole 1-phase Motors. The E2-Single Phase is available in 115V In/Out and 200-240V In/Out, up thru 1.5 HP.


The OPTIDRIVE ECO series is a Volts/Herts drive for HVAC building automation, fan or pump applications. Available in 230V up to 100 HP; 460v up to 350 HP. Automatic "energy savings" function, PC-based configuration software, full "PID" functionality, Master/Slave functionality, unplugable control circuit terminals, enclosures ratings include IP20, IP40, IP55/NEMA12 and IP66/NEMA4X, RS-485, Modbus RTU, BACnet and broad selection of communication options.


The OPTIDRIVE P2 is an advanced sensorless vector control. Available in sizes ranging to 350 HP. Other features and options include active or passive auto-tuning, master/slave functionality, built in RS-485, CAN and Modbus RTU communications, PID, dedicated hoist mode, PM motor control, enclosures rated IP20, IP40, IP55/NEMA12 and IP66/NEMA4x available, 500 Hz output frequency, PC-based drive configuration software and more.


The OPTIDRIVE PCE is an series of enclosed OPTIDRIVE VFD's rated IP55/NEMA 12, for direct mounting to motor. Available in sizes ranging to 2 HP. Other features and options include vector control. PID, switched or non-switched, integral RFI filter available.





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