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Mayr products are well known for their innovative and economic solutions, setting the standard for power transmission components. These components are manufactured under a management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 as well as meeting the requirements of OHSAS 18001:1999.

Safety Clutches

Protect your machines against damage, loss of production and downtime. EAS-clutches offer the best and most attractive mechanical package, matching your drive requirements and ensuring the security of your machines.

Shaft Couplings

Mayr's broad selection of backlash-free and price competitive variations underline their market leadership. Look to Mayr for the correct selection of high-speed, dynamic or reversing precision drive and shaft couplings.

Safety Brakes

Mayr's spring applied safety brakes offer high operational security for all applications, protecting personnel, machines and equipment reliably braking for position or holding duty as well as for E-stop or power failure.

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Electromagnetic clutches, brakes and clutch-brake units provide high torque capacity, low wear, easy assembly and maintenance in a compact construction.

Pneumatic Clutches

Mayr's EAS-Sp pneumatic overload clutch offers an responsive, adjustable, free-wheeling disconnect and torque limiter in a compact form factor.


A wide assortment of accessories suitable for for use with Mayr safety clutches and electromagnetic brakes and clutches include: limit switches, speed monitors, rectifiers, control units, arc quenchers and more.



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